Saturday, November 22, 2014

How do I file a complaint against a mental health care facility/professional?

As documented on the NAMI Website FAQ section

Complaints about an individual physician/psychiatrist: 

If the physician/psychiatrist works for a hospital or agency, you may contact the doctor's supervisor. You can also file a complaint with the state medical board or the American Psychiatric Association (APA) (some psychiatrists are members, some are not). The APA might also refer you to its APA District Branch or state psychiatric society.

Complaints about other mental health professionals: 

If employed by a hospital or agency, you may file complaints with the therapist's supervisor, the hospital ombudsman or the administrator. Therapists are regulated by their licensing boards (e.g. the state board of health and mental hygiene, counseling or other licensing board). They may also be members of their professional associations (such as the National Association of Social Workers, the American Psychological Association, etc.). Your NAMI State Organization may have the appropriate number and listing.

Abuse or neglect in an institutional setting: 

Protection and Advocacy Agencies advocate on behalf of individuals with mental illness who are in institutional settings (such as jails, correctional facilities or state psychiatric hospitals); allegations of abuse or neglect are one of their top priorities.

Complaints of abuse, neglect or mistreatment in the hospital setting:

As mentioned above, you may file a complaint directly to the hospital ombudsman or administrator.

Or, you may contact The Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) online or call their toll-free Compliant Hotline at (800) 994-6610 to share concerns regarding quality of care. The Joint Commission accredits hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, behavioral health care programs and managed care plans among others. Complaints should be related to patient rights, quality of care, safety, infection control, medication use and/or security. They are unable to assist with billing, insurance or payment disputes.

Complaints about a CMHC (community mental health center):

You may file a complaint with the state mental health agency. Medicaid and Medicare recipients with complaints about CMHCs have the following options: Medicare beneficiaries may contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regional Medicaid Service and the state Peer Review Organization. Medicaid beneficiaries may contact the state Medicaid official, and perhaps the state medical review board could help.


happymama said...

I filed 5 complaints to the Michigan state license board bureau of health professions. They refused all complaints stating that no violations were made. Don't expect their board reviewers to do anything about their own peers. There is no accountability in mental health which is why there is so much fraud. When you research the state laws for record's release you will find that mental health has special privileges within the state and through HIPAA. Even the patient may be barred from getting their own records. In 2007 the attorney general could not get session notes from a psychologist during a billing fraud investigation. Mental health licensees have no one to answer to and the Bureau of Health violates its own code of ethics which in part reads "[p]rotect the health, safety, and welfare"] of the general public. Contact your legislators if you want that to change; otherwise you can keep paying for mental health to commit fraud. jlr

Summer Institute said...

I agree. I had the same experience. Tather than properly training healthcare professionals in appropriate patient care and family interaction they train them to cover their tracks and lie for each other at the patients expense. The Joint Commission was absolutely no help. They didn't even contact me personally about my complaint

Anonymous said...

My wife has battled depression on and off for most of her life. 9 days ago she attempted suicide. She is doing good now and I spent 7 days at her bed side in ICU. 8 days prior to this incident she went to our family doctor and he prescribed her Zoloft. She begged him to try something different because Zoloft has not worked for her in the past. The doctor insisted that she try it again and this was the result.

The initial hospital transferred her straight from ICU to Signature Psychiatric in North Kansas City against our wishes stating they had liability issues. She went straight to Signature and received no medical treatment for almost 16 hours. She spent most of the first day in her room without anyone even checking on her. She left her door closed the entire time and no one ever opened it. When I asked the D.O.N. she insisted that she had been checked on every 15 minutes since her arrival. She didn't receive any new medication until the afternoon of the second day (after I called the D.O.N and complained).

I went in yesterday evening and told them I wanted her transferred to another facility of I wanted to sign her out to seek our own treatment options. I was told that they would immediately place a 96 Hour hold on her if I did that. They even acknowledged that she's no longer suicidal and has shown them no concerns. A employee told her that he knew she was coerced into signing in voluntarily and a second employee told her that he sat in on a meeting where they said they would release her on day 5 when the insurance expired. They also told me that they would place the 96 hour hold themselves and don't need a judges signature.

I'm in the process of filing complaints with every agency I can. Since I complained they are now harassing and targeting my wife.

DO NOT LET YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS GO TO Signature Psychiatric in the Kansas City area.

Beechum119 said...

I am still going to try--I expect the same results. 19 years----nineteen years of my life --my reputation ruined in so many ways. I have to try---knowing that of all the Good Ol' Boy networks --medicine will be the worst. State of GA has been exposed for its substandard mental healthcare. Emory--it is run by doctors trained at Emory---and chances are good that this is a very difficult challenge to have. Criminal--I have been humiliated, tormented by officials affiliated with the substandard mental health agency and it might be better to contact the media--I can do that, yes--I can.

Rhonda Soucie said...

My pysch stopped my valium because I missed 2 appointments and now I'm going through the worst withdrawals ever. What should I do? Please help

Angie Brill said...

I am desperate to report the hospital i was 'treated' by this week but do not even know where to start. I appreciate your repost, if you find it compelling.

Thank you.