Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Number of US Citizens at Suicide Risk due to SSRI Psych Drugs

This letter is to advise you that there is a new and accurate method for calculating the number of patients that have taken SSRIs in the US since introduction of these drugs. Neither the FDA, nor Pharma have been able to make this calculation. This method enables the extent of the harm, induced suicide and dependency caused by SSRIs in the US since 1988 to be quantified in both human and financial terms. [...]

It has been known by Pharma since1985 and now sadly by many thousands of victims, that every person, healthy or depressed, adult or child, who starts an SSRI, faces a finite risk of drug induced suicide and other harm in the first weeks of use. (Teicher and Cole, 1993)

Since 1988, 68 million Americans have used Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. Using a most conservative excess suicide rate, at least 21 thousand avoidable suicides may have been induced, without any warnings to the victims or their families. [...]

There is a simple analogy with another industry that demands two questions. Assuming the lowest rate (32/100K) would the FAA support an airworthiness certificate for a certain aircraft type, that for 10 years consistently crashed and killed 300 to 1000 passengers per year and injured many others? How would the FAA react if the aircraft manufacturer consistently blamed the crashes on the passengers but not the aircraft?

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