Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Celebrity Patient's Backing Turns Sour for Drug Company

The Wall Street Journal has published a revealing story about one of the seamier sides of the drug industry's marketing campaigns: paying patients to offer testimonials about their drugs. Despite side effects one man had to continue because the money way so good. He is now writing a book about his experience. Here's the Video.

I note in the video that they show the complete original testimonial, which sort of defeats the purpose of the original news story. Way to go WSJ!

(the embedded player is a little funky, you might have to pause and push play an extra time or to to get past the intro)

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Quiact said...

While I'm a pharmaceutical critic, this guy only shared what he experienced only after the big pharma who hired him refused to renew his contract to continue his relationship with them- which included about 10 grand per speaking event. This was the catalyst for his disclosure- not because he no longer felt comfortable with what he was doing.