Monday, November 20, 2006

NY State Considers Revisions to Aversion Therapy Regulations

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Revised proposed regulations relating to Behavioral Interventions, including Aversive Interventions have been published in the State Register and are available for public comment. A two-page summary of the major revisions to the regulations that were adopted through emergency action in June 2006 is available to assist the public in its review of the revised proposed rules.

A full text of the revised proposed rule can be accessed at

Written comments on the proposed regulation must be received by December 15, 2006 and may be submitted to:

Rebecca H. Cort, Deputy Commissioner

VESID, New York State Education Department

Room 1606 One Commerce Plaza

Albany, New York 12234

Or by email to:

Attention: Comments: Behavioral Intervention Regulations

You can see the Summary here

Among other things, The regulations were revised to prohibit, without exception, the following aversive interventions:

* ice applications; hitting; slapping; pinching; deep muscle squeezes;
* use of an automated aversive conditioning device;
* the combined simultaneous use of physical or mechanical restraints and the application of an aversive intervention;
* withholding of sleep, shelter, bedding or bathroom facilities;
* denial or unreasonable delays in providing regular meals to the student that would result in a student not receiving adequate nutrition;
* placing a student unsupervised or unobserved in a room from which the student cannot exit without assistance;
* or other stimuli or actions similar to these interventions at the discretion of the Commissioner.
Meaning that these and other actions were previously permitted.

Please Take time to submit your comments.

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