Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You May Already Have a Mental Disorder

As Reported here

As many of you may have read in your "news"papers, apparently there is concern that many of our new vets are susceptible to mental disorders. (Note: Entirely possible, and a valid concern, and something we should look out for.)

Now, the solution for this is...

(a) Mental Health Screenings at all bases
(b) Mental Health Screening via website

Yes, all of us can now go to the
You May Already Have a Mental Disorder Website
and see what we qualify for.

One person has already tried several of the screenings, and found she qualifies for all she's tried, including alcoholism. Amazing, I never knew she was such a lush since she doesn't drink.

Nice to see the profit motive hard at work.

We encourage everyone to take the tests, and see how many diseases you qualify for. Take the Tests with your industrial size ten ton grain of Salt.

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